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Fitness Dos and Don’ts to Consider if you are hitting the Gym Regularly

One thing most fitness freaks forget to consider when hitting the gym is safety. However, safety is the first thing you need to keep in mind while exercising. Here are a few dos and don’ts you need to consider if you don’t want to end up with gym injuries that are so common with people today:


Always begin with warm up

Cold muscles are like cold dough. They are not pliable to work with. If you do you are just risking tears. A good warmup will loosen your muscles and heat up your body so that you are ready for some action.

Stretch as much as you can

The only way to reduce the risks of muscle strain and tightness is to include stretching as a part of your workout. This improves your flexibility and range of motion. You need to stretch out immediately after every workout, making sure your muscles are still warm.

Keep a bottle of water

A bottle of water is a must item to take with you if you are hitting the gym. Make it a point to drink a little water before you feel thirsty. This way your body won’t get dehydrated.

Determine the right workout goals

The first thing you need to do, when you join a gym, is to get your fitness advisor to determine your workout goals based on your fitness level and age. You need to strike the right balance without working out too intensively. Although a Rockville chiropractor can be easily available to treat your gym injuries, it is always best to focus on reducing the risk of such injuries


Avoid risky routines

There are a few risky equipmentand exercises you may want to avoid, if you want to keep away from gym injuries. You will have to learn the right technique of using these before trying them out. But if you are on your own, here are a few tips you can use, to avoid injuries while working out at the gym:

Don’t lift too much

Your fitness advisor should be able to tell you how much weights you should be lifting. Lifting anything more than this can injure your muscles. You can gradually add more weights, while listening to your body.

Don’t lean on the machines

If you are using treadmill, cross trainer, elliptical machine, or the stair-climber, you might seem tempted to lean on it. But doing so can put a lot of stress on your back and wrists. Make it a point to monitor your posture while exercising.

Don’t go crazy with all the gym food and drinks

There are many kinds of energy bars and protein drinks that fuel your workout. While it could be tempting to try them, most of these are quite high on calories. Check the labels carefully before selecting.

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