Pregnancy tasted tools

Pregnancy tasted tools and dating tools

Pregnancy is a stage where a woman can feel some changes in her life. It develops a body of a woman.  It takes more than 9 months and a woman carries a baby for 9 months. There are many stages of pregnancy and many steps.  Sometimes for some causes and for some reason a woman gave birth the baby in 7 months then it called pre mature delivery.  Sometimes it is very risky for the baby and the mother. But an ideal delivery is happened after 9 months and in 90 percent cases the delivery is happening safely.

Some clarification on pregnancy

There are three trimesters in pregnancy. The first one is begin from first week through 12 and includes conception it happens when the sperm fertilizes the egg. The egg which is fertilized travels to the fallopian tube and attached the inside of the uterus. Then it began to form an embryo and placenta. In a first trimester there is high chance for a miscarriage. The second trimester is started from week 13 and continue to week 28.  In the middle of second trimester movement of the fetus may be felt. In the 28 weeks more than 90 percent babies are survive outside of the uterus. The third trimester is began from 29 weeks and continued to 40 weeks.

Pregnancy tools

Pregnancy tested tools are those tools through which one can determine that whether a woman is pregnant or not. Pregnancy tools are required a sample of indicative marks which is found in urine or blood. These marks are discovered in the year of 1930. This has been produced by the syncytiotrophoblast cells of the fertilized ova which is called eggs in simple terms. Human chorionic gonadotropin is reliable marker in pregnancy. It detected after implantation. The results can be false negative if it’s done in the early stage of pregnancy. HCG can be detected 8 days after fertilization in blood and 10 days in urine.

Pregnancy date tools

The test of pregnancy can be done quickly through rosette inhibition assay for early pregnancy factor or EEP. It can be detected in blood within 48 hours of fertilization. But these type of tools are very expensive and time consuming. There are many tools are available in market from which one can know about the pregnancy in the actual date. It is very much helpful and also easily available in the market.


For a pregnant mother health is the most important thing. If the health is not well of the mother then then health of the baby is also not well. So pregnancy kits are very much needed for a woman’s health. Pregnancy date tools are very much helpful for country like India where the percentage of child birth is very huge. Through pregnancy kit one can knew about the pregnancy in the right time so one can take the precautions in time. It can also be clear the misconception about the falls pregnancy.


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