Dr. Curtis Cripe

Dr. Curtis Cripe Provides an Insight on Space and Mars Travel

A human mission to Mars has been one of the most prominent subjects involved in scientific proposals, aerospace engineering and even science fiction since about 19th century. Over the years many type of plans and proposals have been made to land on Mars, and subsequently settling in and terraforming  the planet.  Many proposals about using the moons of mars, Phobos and Deimos have also been made.  Thousands of scientists and researchers of the world have been conducting researchers and studies on matters relating to space and mars travel for years, and Dr. Curtis Cripe is one such professional. He had essentially conducted quite a prominent experiment related to Lunar/Martian deep space for the purpose of long duration travel.

Dr. Curtis Cripe and his talented team had additionally collected data during an experiment conducted inside the Martian Analog Habitat Simulator featuring various Mission V crew members in the state of North Dakota. This experiment ideally used the proprietary program of the NTL Group referred to as NeuroCodex, as well as the knowledge of Cripe, in order to complete a feasibility study that is conducted on the ongoing electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring present on the inside of the long-duration space travel simulators  featured within the hi-tech Martian Habitat Simulator. Owing to his successful mission, as well as the helpful data collected by Curtis Cripe, his poster was accepted to be included in the highly prestigious and widely recognized ISSR&D Conference.

The academic and professional background of Dr. Curtis Cripe additionally spans a multitude of various disciplines. These disciplines ideally includes Subject Matter Expert for NASA, aerospace engineer for Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), as well as a visiting Scholar for the Interdisciplinary Collaboration on Human, Environment and Health Performance conducted by the  Fordham University.

The extensive insights acquired by Curtis Cripe in the domain of Maritain deep space travel, makes him an ideal candidate to talk on this topic.He underlines how the goal of exploration of Mars has been one of the key aims of national space programs for many decades now. Preliminary work for missions in Mars that would involve any human explorers has essentially been undertaken since the 1950s. Over the years, the lists of various crewed Mars mission plans have been made and proposals relating to them have been put forward by various organizations and space agencies belonging to the domain of space exploration. These plans and proposals have essentially varied from scientific expeditions in which small groups featuring about two to eight to people visit Mars for a certain period of a week or even a year, to even the permanent colonization of Mars.  In the 2010’s many European, Asian and American agencies even have developed proposals for developing missions for travelling to Mars. Many of these plans are now in the process of developing and testing technologies that would be required for it. The research projects conducted by Dr. Curtis Cripe currentlyare scheduled for demonstration in an advanced Martian Analog Ground Simulator.

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