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How the Right Medical Supplies Can Help Maintain a Sterile and Clean Clinic

Not only is a clean and sterile clinic important to ensure the health of patients and workers, as well as maintain accuracy in procedures, but it is actually required to comply with the latest Public Health Regulations. These regulations are frequently updated and processed to make sure that there is no dangerous spread of bacteria or germs that could seriously harm patients or leave you legally responsible for illnesses.

Wide range of teammed medical supplies available to Australian hospitals, GPs, clinics and other medical centres, ensuring that professionals, specialists and staff are all appropriately equipped to keep your space clean and sterile.

Here are a few of the vital supplies that will help with keeping your centres clean.

Protective pouches

When transporting and delivering samples of all kinds, it’s critical that cross contamination is avoided. With protective, disposable pouches, all samples can properly be stored to prevent each sample from spilling or mixing with one another. These pouches are also vital for preventing specialists and staff handling certain samples from coming in contact with unhygienic liquids or dangerous chemicals.

Surgical hand wash

Hand wash should always be surgical grade, and used even when you may be using gloves. You will see hand wash in almost every room of a centre or clinic, including reception desks and offices.

Bedding and accessories

Even accessories as simple as pillowcases and sheets can spread germs and bacteria throughout an institute, and it’s why hospitals and clinics maintain regular replacements of pillowcases, blankets and sheets.

Disposable wipes and towels

Wiping down benches and cleaning up spills is just as essential in a hospital as it is a kitchen. Whether you’re working with sick patients or work in the ICU, nothing is more critical than keeping your area sterile at all costs. Disposal wipes and towels should be on-hand at all times, and cleaners should always wipe down areas.

Gloves and apparel

Not only is the right protective gear for staff critical for keeping your patients in good care, but it’s also vital for keeping doctors, nurses and specialists safe too. A large stock of disposable gloves and apparel should be used whenever staff come into contact with patients, to maintain their health as well as prevent spread of bacteria their clothes may have brought in on their commute.

Bowls and trays

Stainless steel and plastic trays ensure that materials, including organs and liquids are carefully and appropriately handled, avoiding any potential contamination. The health and medical industry uses variety of containers to distinguish between handling and transport of each material or organ that may need to be moved.


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