Healthy life mantra with Eureka Forbes

Healthy life mantra with Eureka Forbes

Misuse of water bodies, growing population, industrial development, and environmental degradation causes water pollution and we are aware of that. But are we really aware of all the water-borne diseases which are caused by drinking the contaminated water? Water is indeed a vital element for the survival on this planet but drinking unfit water will do no good to you. So when you look at the problems which are caused by impure water, you will go for the water purifiers. But let’s discuss the importance of these water purifiers in our life.

Our body consists of more than half the percentage of water. Therefore we need to maintain a water balance in our body. But if we drink which contains harmful contaminants and bacterias, it will increase the risk of most severe diseases like cancer. These purifiers remove all the harmful impurities and maintain the level of minerals in the water which is very essential for our body. One such company you can rely upon for all your all types of water purifiers needs is Eureka Forbes as it is one of the top brands in water purification industry and also provides a large number of water purifiers for different purposes. Along with this, they also have Eureka Forbes customer helpline number Amritsar which is available for everyone in need of assistance regarding the system.

Now let’s see the types of chemicals which are present in the water to contaminate it.

  • Chlorine and Chloramine

The water that we get at our homes generally contains chlorine and chloramine. Although, chlorine is added to water as a disinfectant, but it posses the high risk of the diseases like bladder and rectal cancer. The purifiers are designed to remove the chlorine content from the water and making it fit for drinking.

  • Fluoride

Although fluoride is good for oral health when it is mixed with water in excess, it can lead to many health problems such as cancer, gum disease, thyroid dysfunction, and bone diseases. Therefore, it is needed to be removed from the drinking water.

  • Arsenic

Arsenic is mostly found in groundwater and can cause metabolism failure which causes problems such as heart diseases, night blindness, and diabetes. These water purifiers are designed to remove the impurities of these kinds.

  • Pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals

All these when present in water, can cause some serious health problems. Hence they are needed to be removed from the water as well for living a healthy life.

Along with removing all these impurities from the water, you also have to keep in check the mineral content in the water. Minerals are very important for our body. Eureka Forbes designs the water purifiers in such a way that the minerals are kept in the water which are generally removed by other purifiers along with the impurities. You can use Eureka Forbes customer care Amritsar to know more about the products and services.

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