Drinking Tea

Drinking Tea and the Associated Health Benefits

Tea is probably one of the most commonly enjoyed beverages in India. And not just India, its impact is far-reaching and has many other countries in its stride. In fact, in certain countries including India, it can be considered a staple beverage. It is also a stress-buster. A lot of people sip on it relentlessly, without being too specific about the time.  Haven’t you seen your colleague endure those office night shifts with multiple refills of his tea cup? Of course, you have!

So, there is no doubt you acknowledge the fame this beverage enjoys. But that’s not the end of the story. There is a pool of knowledge linked to tea you probably know nothing about. So, let us walk you through the things you really need to know about this beverage staple-

Tea: The types available and the largest producers-

Genus Camellia, commonly known as tea, boasts of around 325 different varieties. But not all of them are commercially produced. The top nine regions where tea is found in abundance are India, China, Sri Lanka, Japan, Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Indonesia.

What do people around the world drink other than tea?

Although, tea is popular without a question, it has certain major rivals. That is to say, not all the people in all parts of the world are heavy tea consumers. So, what do they drink when they are not drinking water, or tea?

According to a review published in the Washingtonpost.com, nowhere else in the world people enjoy sugar-sweetened drinks as much as people in Central America, northern South America, and the Caribbean do. The report also renders fruit juice the least popular in Asian countries; while countries in the western countries love it the most.

Milk is definitely a rage in places where dairy is in abundance with nations like Sweden and Iceland topping the list.

Another web source highlights the regions that prefer coffee and tea over other beverages. In the continent of America, there are more coffee consumers than there are of tea. Even coffee producing countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador drink more of coffee than tea. In countries like Canada and Argentina, the equation is that of 50-50. However, there are comparatively more number of tea drinkers in countries such as Bolivia and Chile.

Can we call tea healthy?

Well, why not! Read on to find out the benefits-

  1. The National Cancer Institute, a popular web health forum, advocates the benefits of drinking tea in curing terminal diseases like cancer.
  2. Harvard University School of Public Health states that polyphenols present in tea helps a great deal in lowering the risk of Type 2 diabetes.
  3. Consumption of this beverage may also guard you against cardiovascular diseases.
  4. According to a recent study published in the website of National Centre for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, green tea and white tea have extraordinary immunity boosting properties.

From the discussion above, you probably arrive at the conclusion that taking tea is not too bad. So, if you are someone who needs his routine dose of tea, simply go for it. After all, with so many flavoured black teas and other tea varieties, saying ‘no’ to this amazing beverage is simply not possible. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Happy sipping!


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