Make Your New Year Special with these Recipe Ideas

Another year is all set to begin. So do not be lazy and start planning on your New Year party.

Here are some amazing New Year party recipe ideas which you can use and make your guests happy.

Fried Rice

Since Chinese dishes have gained popularity in India, fried rice also has become a very common found recipe here. We have given a proper Indian makeover to this dish. One just need plain white rice and some fried vegetables and meat chunks to stir fry in oil and your Indian styled fried rice in ready in minutes. Add some chilli sauce and there you go.

Handi Biryani

In this particular dish the rice is cooked very slowly and while cooking layers of vegetables are added to it. Then chicken can be added if one wants to make it a non-vegetarian dish. This biryani has a variety of Indian spices in it and this melange will definitely bring water to their taste buds.

MasoorDaal Kebabs

This is a very delicious and healthy recipe at the same time. Lentil is the main ingredient here and one can use potato as abider in this preparation. Use some basic Indian spices to make it tasty. MasoorDaal contains a high amount of protein and it is also very rich in fibre. This also has a lot of anti-oxidants. You can serve these kebabs with some cucumber raita as a starter. If you want to keep this in the main menu then serve them with Biryani with tomato and onion sauce.

Chicken Kasha

Chicken Kasha is a typical Bengali recipe. This is a very popular one in Bengali households and in this dish the chicken dices are mainly cooked with ginger, garlic paste, onion dices and the dish has some gravy in it too so that one can have it with rice. But this curry should definitely have potatoes in it. In fact big pieces of potatoes should be there and without that this curry is incomplete.

Mutton DaakBungaloww

This is a very old and traditional mutton recipe which is hardly cooked these days. Those who have Anglo Indian origin know this recipe well as it has originated from them only. But this recipe is still a popular one in a few restaurants in Kolkata and one can also prepare it at home by following its recipe.


Cream puffs are the delicacy that one loves to have anytime of the day. Water and butter are boiled in a sauce pan and flour is stirred into it. Eggs are added to the dough to give a glossy effect. It is baked into golden croissants and fillings are either of butter or cheese.


These are made of flour, butter, baking powder, baking soda and eggs it is a perfect dessert after any meal. It is of various flavours like vanilla, strawberry, chocolates, lemon, coffee, blueberry, mango, cheese, truffle and plenty more. Have it with sugar syrup or frozen, it tastes as heavenly as one expects. One cannot resist having a pastry any time of the day.

So, get set and party!

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