Winstrol for your great-looking Physique

A lot of bodybuilders and athletes are looking for the perfect standalone steroid that they could make use of during their cutting cycles. They usually choose Winstrol because it is a fantastic steroid that can be used for isolated an oral cutting cycle especially if you know how to utilize it. A lot of its users could experience leaner and stronger muscles in just a few weeks of using it, as long as they take the recommended dosage. These are usually used by bodybuilders to help them before competitions because it also gives them that fit look.


While some people would naturally use this together with other steroids in order to achieve greater results, Winstrol is already a great steroid even if you choose to use it without the help of other steroids. There are many reasons to this that you might want to know to help you decide why Winstrol can do better than other cutting steroids, even when alone. For one, less toxicity to the liver. You wouldn’t want to risk causing liver damage, right?

What makes Winstrol the best during cutting cycles?

With the proper intake, the right diet, and proper exercise, you can already expect to achieve your goals better than you expected them to be. When used during cutting, it can aid in destroying those annoying fats around your muscles making it look more defined and fit. It also helps in retaining the muscles that you already have which can be great especially if you are on a diet because dieting could deplete your muscle tissue so by using Winstrol, you are protecting them. Taking it can also increase the testosterone count in your body which means preserving your muscles, but even better. You don’t have to worry about weight gain because it won’t happen, meaning your weight is the same as it is but your body changes dramatically in the form of a shredded and dry physique.

Discovering the right Winstrol Dosages to get Maximum results

Men and women are both using Winstrol; with the only difference are the dosages and how long the cycle lasts. Women are very sensitive to any kind of anabolic steroid but luckily, Winstrol is not like most of them. Women just have to make sure that they take the recommended dosage. For example, they shouldn’t exceed 20mg because they can already experience virilization effects like deepening of the vocal chords and enlargement of the clitoris. They should take about 10mg for a 4-week cycle, especially for female beginners. With men, they are allowed to take 50mg of Winstrol for a span of 8 weeks. 100mg and prolonged use could already mean serious side effects.

Staying within your comfort zone

The dosage that you take largely depends upon the goals that you are trying to achieve. Male and female bodybuilders may take up to 100mg and 20mg of Winstrol respectively. These bodybuilders only use Winstrol because they more than likely don’t want to bulk up anymore, but to cut down the excess fats that they have accumulated while training. Athletes are different because they will most likely use Winstrol in small dosages especially if they are after enhancing their performance.

Winstrol is a great anabolic steroid that has many benefits that you could easily achieve once you know the correct dosage for your body. You should always be skeptical first before using any steroid, and once you see the results, that are when you believe its powers.


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