How Massage Therapy Enhances Health

Often, massage is used in the practice of wellness to provide assistance in rehabilitation or pain and injury management. This is done by treating soft tissue and muscles. When massage is regularly practiced, it greatly reduces injury risk. In addition, patients experience optimum physical health. When used to treat pain, the therapy focuses on myofascial pain.

Myofascial Pain or CMP

Myofascial pain or chronic myofascial pain (CMP) is denoted by chronic pain happening at more than one trigger point. A trigger point may be represented by a constriction of the connective tissue or by a knot or tightness in the muscle.

Types of Treatments

The use of massage can encompass one of various therapies. These therapies are represented as follows:

Myofascial Release Methods

Myofascial release methods in massage entail the use of a sustained, soft pressure to eliminate tense muscles. The method is used in remedial massage therapy to treat connective tissues. It also increases the balance within the body.

When muscle tightness is experienced, it often is the result of overuse, injury, or tension. The pain, which is localised, affects a few muscles or only a small area.

Remedial massage itself is a systematic evaluation and therapy that is used to treat tendons, muscles, connective tissues, and ligaments. Therefore the remedial aspect of massage is performed to assist in rehabilitation and pain management.

Remedial massage, which encompasses various forms, is designed to balance the length of the soft tissues and muscles. By receiving mobile remedial massage in Perth, at-home patients are able to restore muscle functioning and enjoy a well-toned body. Therapy of this type increases the flow of circulation, specifically at the site of injury, thereby removing scar tissue, adhesions, damaged cells, or blockages.

Deep Tissue Massage

The use of deep tissue massage (DTM) concentrates on the body’s deepest layers to lengthen, relax, and release tightness. DTM assists in injury rehabilitation and is used to relieve muscular pain that is considered chronic. The massage is also used to lessen arthritis or tendinitis symptoms, particularly any pain caused by inflammation or swelling.

Trigger Point Therapy

Massage therapy that emphasises digital compression is trigger point therapy. Specific instances of myofascial pain can be treated and relieved by employing this massage method.

Other Therapies

Other therapies that are performed by remedial massage therapists include sports massage and pregnancy massage. A pregnancy massage is often supported by Swedish massage therapy.

The therapist who performs any of the above therapies must have an excellent understanding of pathophysiology and physiology. Therefore, before treatments begin, a thorough assessment must be made to ascertain the patient’s current state of health. Each patient’s health needs are unique. That is why specific remedial massage techniques are applied according to a patient’s individual health requirements.


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