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Tips to control swelling post knee Replacement Surgery

There are several orthopedic surgeons who recommend their patients with knee surgery and exercises post surgery period. The knee surgery is found to be the easy part. However, rehabilitation that follows the surgery is found to be the tough one. It is the patient who is to carry out the rehab program and follow it strictly to ensure quicker recovery. The physical therapist also plays an important role in the rehab program. The experienced physiotherapist will make sure that the swelling and pain is reduced to a great extent and the rehab program is a big success.

Doing away with complications

The knees are found to be temperamental after surgery. It is not in a position to take much of excessive walking or exercise and does require taking hours or even days to be brought under control. Physicians do accept the fact that knee operation cost in India has reduced drastically, thus offering opportunity to every individual advised with this surgery. But post surgery, walking and rehab are crucial and cannot be avoided. What is required is to walk inside the house after every hour. Spending excess time walking will again mean excessive swelling as well as slowing down of overall conditioning and strengthening of affected leg.


  • If the need is to walk or stand more while cooking or doing other essential chores, then TED compression stocking pair can help to keep swelling down. These can be found in various sizes, with varying pressure gradients. For further information and details, the orthopedic is to be contacted.
  • It is extremely important to keep the affected leg elevated. The duration of keeping the leg in elevated condition will vary among individuals. If the person is not exercising or walking during the initial two weeks post surgery, then it is necessary to keep the leg in elevated condition and positioned much higher than the heart. This will assist in proper draining the area surrounding the knee region.
  • Ice should be kept on the knee, as it helps to control pain as well as decrease swelling. But ice should not be overdue. Ice is to be used immediately after performing exercise, since it is found to be effective.
  • After surgery, the time spent to walk outdoors or around the home is important. Getting up is recommended, but in moderation. Law of gravity will affect body fluid and hence, pool in lower leg region. If pain and swelling are consistent and remains chronic condition, walking or standing should be completely avoided. This way, remarkable difference can be noticed.

There is a need to understand that elevation, ice, using compression stocking and close monitoring of time that is spent on the operated feet in the initial two weeks is what will determine the amount of pain and swelling encountered. In case, the person retains fluid easily, then the physician is likely to prescribe diuretic such as lasix for eliminating excess fluid from the body and prescribe compression stocking prior to leaving the hospital. Reduced knee surgery cost in India does give patients the opportunity to live a normal life again.

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