Amino Acids

The Basic Twenty Amino Acids and Related Information

The human body cannot function at all without proteins. For building these essential proteins, every human body requires the amino acids. The twenty amino acids are found normally as the compounds of the human proteins & peptides. The amino acids which occur naturally get used by the calls for synthesizing peptides and even proteins. They are identified typically by generic formula rather as H2NCHRCOOH. The major difference among these 20 amino acids is of structure of R group. So one can now have a look on them and their functions.

The twenty amino acids and its functions :

  1. Glycine: It slices the DNA for producing different amino acids. This is among one of the important glycogenic amino acid
  2. Alanine: It is the important energy source for the muscles. They are also among the important amino acid of glycogenic nature. This primary acid is used for sugar metabolism. It boosts well the immune system and produces the antibodies
  3. Valine: It is essential for the muscle development
  4. Leucine: It is good for the tissue, bone and skin wound healing
  5. Isoleucine: This is essential for hemoglobin synthesis
  6. Proline: This also falls in the category of amino acids and is an important component of the cartilage which aids in the joint health, ligaments and tendons. It keeps the heart muscle as strong enough
  7. Phenylalanine: They are good for the system for healthy nervous. It helps in boosting the memory and even learning power
  8. Tyrosine: It is the Precursor of the Adrenaline, norepinephrine and dopamine. It assist to increase energy, improves well the mental clarity and even concentration, one can also treat the depressions with it.
  9. Tryptophan: This is essential for the neurotransmitter serotonin. It is effective for the sleep aid. Reduces well the anxiety and other form of the depression. Can treat well migraine headache. Stimulates well growth hormone.
  10. Serine: It is important glycogenic amino acid, the other as glycine & alanine. Maintains well the level of blood sugar, boosts well the immune system. It consists of serine too.
  11. Threonine: They are much needed for the collagen formation and helps in preventing the fatty deposit in the liver
  12. Cysteine: Its acts as protective enough against the radiation, ultra violet light and pollution.

The other twenty amino acids also include the name as methionine, asparagine, glutamine, Lysine, arginine, Histidine, Aspartate and Glutamate.

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