Eyes Younger With Professional Help

Make Your Eyes Younger With Professional Help

Our eyelids are affected by gravity and ageing. For many people, genetic is also causing changes around eyes that cannot be changed without professional help. So, the cosmetics industry is making improvements to treat this region with less side effects.

 Both upper and lower eyelid can be treated, and they can also be treated separately, so we know them as upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery. While this procedure is done for cosmetic reasons it is also done for medical reasons, as the upper eyelid can become so sagging that is blocking part of the vision.

How it comes to this?

While skin ages, it loses its elasticity. Along with this, gravity is constantly pulling the skin down, causing the excess skin to collect on the upper and lower eyelids. On the lower eyelids, excessive skin is making bulges and wrinkles. The fat cushions under the eye have a thin membrane that weakens with age, letting the fat go forward.

Who is a suitable candidate for eyelid surgery?

Most people who are taking this surgery are 35 years old or older, but if your baggy eyelids are common in your family, you may consider it sooner. It is important to be generally healthy and to have realistic expectations. The procedure will enhance your look and help you build your confidence, but it will not change your facial structure.

 Your eyes can look younger

Before you decide to undergo this surgery, make some research to find the best clinic for you and the best cosmetics specialist. We can recommend the best cosmetic specialist in Melbourne like Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, to ask everything you want to know, or to make an appointment with the specialist and get the information in first-hand.

Lower eyelid surgery

This eyelid surgery is done under the local anaesthetic or a general anaesthetic. Your doctor will recommend which one is best for you. The procedure can be different, depending on the details of the surgery but generally, there are few steps that are the same.

The good surgeon is the key

The surgeon will make an incision below the lashes or on the inside the lower lid to remove excess skin and excess fat. The underlying tissue can be tightened if it’s required. The incisions are done in the way so they can be hidden within natural skin folds and creases. Also, the incisions are closed with stitches, surgical tape or tissue glue.

Depending on the size of sagging skin and fat tissue under your eyes, the recovery will take a longer or shorter time. It is important that your procedure is done the best way possible as it is at professional lower eyelid surgery in Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, so you can leave with minimum side effects.

Final Word

If the sagging skin and fat tissue under your eyes is something that is bothering you for a long time, maybe now is time to consider surgery procedure and gain your confidence once and for all.

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