Heart valve replacement surgery

Heart valve replacement surgery cost in India

The basic cost of Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in India is around USD 6500 to USD 8500. The cost mainly depends on the kind of valve that is used for surgery; it may be tissue valve or mechanical valve. There are two types of replacements mitral valve replacement and aortic valve replacement. The patient has to stay at the hospital at least for 8 days and 14 days outside. These surgeries are very successful these days. A new technique is used and its name is TAVI. The technique has a main goal of substituting the aortic valve making use of Trans catheter technique. A few tests are required before the surgery takes place such as chest x ray, EKG, stress test, cardiac MRI etc.  Once the tests are done the patient is all set for surgery.

How it works

Heart valve is positioned in the centre of your heart and the repair involves its natural value. The treatment is done as per the condition of the patient. Sometimes doctors may tell the patient to undergo a surgery so that the heart valves can be repaired. The surgery is major and needs a team of expert surgeons. An anaesthesiologist is required to be there in order to get the whole body check-up done. Also there will be a specialist who will be operating the heart-lung machine. This machine is used in order to see if the blood circulation is going well when the heart stops for a while. In the team there will also be some specialists and some nurses who will help the doctors in the team and will keep a watch on the patient in a timely manner.

The cost

Heart valve replacement is not a costly thing these days. This will not really make you out of pockets. Heart valve replacement surgery cost in India is really reasonable and affordable too. The cost is very reasonable and less that the cost of the surgery in other developed countries like USA. The cost of treatment is determined as per the case of the patient and the things used for the surgery.

Plan your Valve Replacement Surgery in India

Though a heart valve replacement surgery is a major one, it is not that complicated. It involves replacing an injured valve that is present in your heart with a tissue valve or a mechanical valve.  The new valve which is fitted will remove the stress and will relax the symptoms like difficulty in breathing and pain in chest. As this is a difficult one, you need to make sure that expert surgeons are selected to perform the surgery and the latest techniques and instruments are being used for it.

Easy way

So if you want to get this surgery done, then get it done at the best institute by the best persons at the very best rates. You can get the surgery done and feel yourselves better. Get at the best place and feel healthy.


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