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Everything You Need To Know About All On 4 Dental Treatment

What is it?

All On 4 dental implants are a technique for replacing any missing teeth using a reduced number of implants then typically used in more traditional methods. There are three different attributes usually associated with All On 4 dental treatments:

  1. Implanted and fitted all in a single day. This attribute is why All On 4 dental treatment has the moniker ‘smile in a day.’ Usual implant methods would require from weeks to possibly even months, however, All On 4 treatments only takes one day for implantation and final fitting.
  2. Only 4 implants per jaw or less. The more traditionally known methods for implants would need 8 to possibly even 10 implants between both the top and lower jaw. With this new treatment that is not necessary. However, depending on either upper or lower jaw bone density, 5 or 6 implants may be needed.
  3. The implants are angled at the rear for maximum strength. These implants are fitted at an angle so that patients do not have to undergo a bone graft as the implants are not inserted into the jaw vertically.

The Pros of All On 4

  • This treatment is cheaper than the more orthodox or traditional dental implants that typically use up to ten implants at a time.
  • As the implants are drilled in and thus fixed in place, there is absolutely no need to take them out to clean them.
  • This is a short procedure that will take little recovery time.
  • Bone loss in the jaw is of no matter and this treatment will still be available for patients with this problem.
  • Once again, as they are fixed in place, there is no chance of them slipping or simply falling out of a patient’s mouth.
  • They are comfortable and a lot more stable when it comes to supporting other dental modifications such as dental crowns and bridges.

The Cons of All on 4

  • Traditional implants may give the patient a better result over the long-term than All 0n 4 treatment will.
  • Some people view this treatment as a short cut or quick fix to tooth loss and thus do not see it as a viable option.
  • There have been some problems with speech after the surgery, such as spitting, slurring and even hissing.
  • If just one simple implant malfunctions or fails, this can cause a wide spread problem within the entirety of the jaw itself.
  • This is not actually a fully customised solution to loss of teeth.
  • Finally, the new artificial bridge in the gum may feel awkward or intrusive.

Like any treatment there are fall backs, disadvantages and side effects, however, when it comes to All On 4 dental treatment it is clear to see that in this particular case, the cons do not outweigh the pros. There are numerous benefits to this new treatment, however, remember to always do your research before going through any medical modification.


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