Comfort Essentials for Pregnant Women

Comfort Essentials for Pregnant Women

Women deal many body issues during pregnancy. Often, the changes that happen in them make them irritable and uncomfortable. There are occasions that the changes are quite alarming that may cause worry to both parents and even to people around them.

From the most common pregnancy issues from cramps to stretch marks, swollen ankles and varicose veins,  Vitamins Click tackles these issues and recommends essentials which will give comfort to pregnant moms.

Belly Bands

Some pregnant ladies prefer to use belly bands to bind their stomach. Such band gives warmth and protection for them. There are also belly bands that feel so comfortable as if they don’t feel anything hugging them there.

Body Pillow

A body pillow helps reduce muscle discomfort, especially during sleep. This huggable pillow provides support behind the back and also under the stomach.

Cocoa Butter

Many pregnant women complain of an itchy belly especially if they are in the third trimester already. To relieve them of the itchy sensation, they can use cocoa butter. Such butter will also help maintain skin soft and supple. Many also attest, that a cocoa butter helps avoid the appearance of stretch marks.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are gaining popularity nowadays. They are proven safe and all-natural thus do not harm babies and even pregnant moms. Diffusing essential oils help ease morning sickness. Applying essential oils to some body parts, too, relief one of body pains and ache. Essential oils are safe to use and apply directly to the body. Examples are lavender, tea tree, and chamomile.

Flat Shoes

Pregnant ladies are more advised to wear flat shoes. They ease any back pain because of the massive belly. A nice pair of flat shoes about half an inch bigger than one’s usual size is advisable to give that comfortable walking experience.

Heating Pad

A heating pad provides relaxation to a strained muscle. Such a pad is used to give instant relief to the back, leg, and neck.

Heated Toilet Seat

A heated toilet seat will no doubt provide comfort and warmth especially those nights and days that the season is frigid. A toilet seat warmer also relaxes oneself and even lessen tightened muscles especially if one is feeling any bathroom discomfort. A bidet equally helps pregnant ladies to clean themselves after each bowel movement. Usually, with a big tummy, they find it hard to bend down and wash.

Light Exercise

Pregnant women need to exercise, too. The more that they are advised to do light stretching to help them feel relaxed especially if their due date is nearing. Walking is a simple yet impactful exercise they can do.

Maternity Clothes

The belly of pregnant women expands to accommodate the growing human being inside. To give them the ease of movement, it is advisable that they wear maternity clothes.  Such kind of clothes is usually stretchable. There are many cheap yet fashionable maternity clothes on the market. Alternatively, they may also opt to borrow from dear friends and buy a few pieces.  After all, they are not always pregnant every year.

Snack Stash

Many say that they are eating for two; thus pregnant women tend to eat for the size of two. A decent snack stash may save the day to avoid feeling sick especially if a full course meal is not always readily available. A stash may include a few granola bars, unsalted crackers, and a few nuts.

Support Underwear

Pregnant moms, especially those nearing their childbirth, experience breast tenderness. A support bra is essential, too, to help them feel comfortable. It is advisable to use one without the wire which may further restrain the ease of movement.

A Tablespoon of Honey

Pregnant women usually suffer from indigestion and heartburn.  To ease them of indigestion, they can have apple cider vinegar or aloe vera juice.  Many also attest to the efficacy of a tablespoon of honey in warmed milk to help with heartburn and indigestion.

Comfort Essentials for Pregnant Women

Pregnant ladies may feel a little stressful due to swollen ankles, varicose veins, and constipation among other discomforts. There are those that face more difficulty because of morning sickness, backache, and leg cramps. Pregnancy can be uneasy, and motherhood can be challenging, but its reward exceeds any discomfort. Pregnancy is one of the most excellent adventures a woman is so privileged to undergo. Embrace and accept its troubles. There are many comfort essentials that they can always turn to.

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