Cure Blemishes at Home

Best Ways to Cure Blemishes at Home

Among all the skin diseases, the blemishes are considered as the worst one. They are the most irritating skin marks on the face. It ruins a perfect photo of any individual and most of the time people having blemish become astay-at-home type. People in the parties avoid talking with such person. Not a problem anymore, now people can cure blemishes at home using products available at home. One is not required to spend a lot of money on processed and expensive medicines. Blemishes result from excessive oil generated by the skin. Most of the time, it happens that pimples burst and leave a mark on the skin. Few remedies to cure blemishes are mentioned below which are effective and cost-effective. One can try these remedies easily at home as almost each of them is available at home only. The results may take time, but one can surely get them cured with these remedies.

Baking Soda

Baking soda balances the pH value of skin and eliminated the dead skin cells around the skin. Due to theremoval of dead skin cells, the blemish fades offslowly, and after multiple uses, they go off completely. One needs to take few teaspoon of baking soda and add some water or olive oil to it. The paste will be formed after themixture is stirred homogeneously. The paste should be applied to the blemish infected area and kept for 10-12 minutes, after that the paste shall be removed and then the face should be rinsed with water. This shall be done twice a week for better results.

Egg White

Eggs are natural sources of enzymes which can improve skin fairness and ultimately removes blemishes from the face. One needs to collect egg white from the eggs and apply to the face with either brush or fingers. The face shall not be rinsed with water until 10-12 minutes. After rinsing the face, a clean cloth shall be used to wipe the face dry, and moisturizer shall be applied. One needs to do this, two times a week for better and effective results.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is a well-known herb for treating skin problems. It has skin rejuvenation and healing abilities. These positive effects on the skin due to aloe vera happen due to thepresence of anti-oxidants and polysaccharide compounds present in it. One needs some aloe vera leaves for implementing this remedy. The aloe vera leaf shall be cut half from the middle and gel inside it must be extracted. The gel obtained shall be applied to the infected area and massaged for few minutes. After that, the gel should be left in the area for some minutes. One the gel dries off, the face shall be rinsed with clean water. This remedy gives better results if performed twice a week.


Honey is a natural medicine for ages. One is required to apply raw honey to the blemish infected areas and keep it until 10-12 minutes. After 10-12 minutes, face shall be washed with clean water and patted dry with aclean cotton cloth. Regular application of honey results in no blemishes on the face.


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