12 Popular Karnataka Recipes

Karnataka (Kannada) cuisines are rich in various recipes, such as BisiBele Bath, NeerDosa, RagiMudde, and so on. Karnataka is popularly known as its various ranges of dosas, sambar and so on. One of the most amazing things about South Indian food is that it is associated with tremendously balanced and diverse flavours. A typical Kannadiga thali/meal (Kannadiga Oota) is a marvelous combination of different flavours. There are rice, sambar, different fried dishes, such as bonda; pickle, dessert, ghee, as well as many other gravy dishes like kootu, saaru, huli, etc. These dishes are served on a banana leaf with some salt. Here is a range of some Karnataka recipes that are really mind blowing dishes.

  • ShengaHolige: The shenga holige recipe is associated with delicious flavour. It is also known as peanuts poli. It is a kind of flatbread that is sweet in taste and jaggery is used in its stuffing. Some ingredients of this particular recipe are Peanuts, Jaggery powder, Sesame seeds, Maida, and so on. It is prepared in the festive occasions.
  • NeerDosa: It is a feather-light, easy to cook, and delicious recipe. It is presenting the star specialty of Karnataka cuisine.
  • KorriGassi: It is a delicious chicken curry that is bathed in the superb flavours of coconut and tangy tamarind.
  • KundapuraKoliSaaru: It is a Karnataka style chicken curry. In this particular recipe, chicken pieces are cooked in tomato gravy along with a dash of aromatic spices and coconut.
  • Mysore Masala Dosa: It is regarded as the heart throb of Karnataka food. It has been well-traveled across the world. It is preferred for its delicate as well as exquisite flavours.
  • Allugedda (Mashed Masala Potatoes): In is an easy way to cook authentic Karnataka meal. In this recipe, mashed potatoes are cooked along with spices, tomatoes, and black gram.
  • Mysore Pak: The absolute delightful, as well as melt-in-mouth, Mysore pak is a very easy recipe.
  • CoorgPandi Curry (Pork Curry): It brings the star delicacy (Coorgi)in the comfort of our homes. In this recipe, Pork is cooked along with tangy masala.
  • BisiBeleBhat: This recipe is originated straight from the heart of Karnataka. This classic recipe creates magic instantly.
  • Bellullichitranna:Bellullichitranna or garlic rice recipe is a very simple one pot meal recipe that is prepared using rice, garlic, coriander leaves, coconut, and green chilli. It tastes really awesome. Garlic rice or bellullichitranna is a perfect recipe to finish leftover rice.
  • Menthe dose or dosa: Menthyadosa is nothing but methi seeds dosa. It is prepared by using very minimum ingredients, such as rice and fenugreek seeds. It is a very easy as well as comforting dosa recipe. Menthe dose or dosa can be served with coconut chutney or sambar or ghee and sugar. Menthe dose is very healthy meal.
  • Southegatti:Southegatti or cucumber steamed dumplings are prepared using rice, coconut and finely chopped or grated cucumber. It is associated with steamed rice and cucumber dumplings. Generally, these are steamed in banana leaves.

So, if you want to know how to make Shenga Holige and other recipes, then you can search over the internet.

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