All you need to know about Danabol

Danabol, also known as Methandrostenolone is one of the oldest and best steroids known to man, the reason why it is widely popular among bodybuilders and athletes worldwide.Everyone around the world is so busy to find a shortcut to success. Sadly, there is no such way. Only a dedicated bodybuilder can achieve the so called perfect body. These body builders and athletes are very focused on achieving their goals that they very well know the importance of including danabol in their daily diet. The steroid is well-known for its performance enhancing properties and its potential to produce some incredible gains without creating any serious damage to the body. It is also recommended to be used by the beginners. To produce Danabol DS, Metandrostenolone is altered at the point 17 of the carbon to pass through the liver. Had it not been modified, this steroid would not have made into the bloodstream making it more toxic in to the liver.


This steroid significantly enhances the synthesis and breakdown of protein and glycogen by stimulating androgen receptors. In fact, steroid users believe that is this steroid is the fastest and powerful steroid currently available in the market in UK, Canada and USA. The muscle recovering properties of the steroid is the reason why it is being preferred by athletes and bodybuilders. A number of users believe that a responsible use of danabol, together with a strict workout regime, combined with a decent diet can produce some best in the class gains. Each person responds to steroid differently. So before deciding to use one, it is best advised to take into account its area of effect, its side effects and working. Developed in the late 1960s, this steroid has helped a number of individuals in faster recovery, boosting confidence, building stronger muscles, increased rate of protein synthesis, etc. Anyway, the gains produced need not always depend on the heavy workout cycles. So there is a pressing need to educate and make people aware of the performance of steroids. However, danabol, like all its other counterparts, if used excessively or irresponsibly, can create some serious trouble. Building a toned physique is no longer a tough task.

Danabol: History and Usage

Danabol usually comes in the form of 10mg or 20mg pills. The number of pills that is to be included in your daily diet is highly dependent on the number of working hours and how heavy your workout cycle is. However, heavy workout cycles might make you sick and tired the next gym day. So there is no point in overdoing it which is why a neat time table is recommended to be maintained. It was developed by Dr John Ziegler for the US Olympic team to give the athletes a slight edge over the USSR. Ever since then, this steroid has been popular and is in the limelight among the athletes. But there is one more hurdle to overcome before you can start using danabol. As it is popular, this steroid is being sold under different names and for different rates. So finding you a trustworthy buyer is one hell of a task. This steroid is also being sold in the black market.

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