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Natural remedies can remove scars

Scars have become a regular thing these days and people do suffer from blemishes and acne on their skin. One needs to treat them in such a way so that the blemishes and scars go away and leave no trace.

For that, there are plenty of things available and one can use a good no scars face wash twice on a daily basis to get good results. But it is said that using things which has some chemicals in it might not suit the skin well. So, one can take help of some natural ingredients and try to reduce the scars on the skin. Here are some natural remedies that one can try at home:

Aloe Vera

 According to medical researches, aloe vera can be used as a topical medicine and they can reduce inflammation and decrease the scar tissues. One needs to take a table spoon of fresh aloe vera gel and then apply it directly on the affected area in a circular motion. Then leave it for half an hour and then wash it with plain water. One can do this twice a week to get better results.


Honey has a lot of healing properties and they can prevent excessive scarring. One can apply honey in all kinds of wounds like burns and cuts. One can take a table spoon of organic honey and then apply it on the affected area before going to bed. Then wrap the area with a bandage and let it stay throughout the night. Then next morning remove the bandage and wash the area. One needs to do this every day to get better results.

Coconut Oil

It is said that virgin coconut oil is really good for dermal wounds and it can promote collagen development as well which speeds up the healing process. One can take a table spoon of virgin coconut oil and massage the area for at least 20 minutes. Then let the skin soak up the oil for an hour. After that, one can wash it off. Doing it 2 to 3 times a week can lead to better results.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has acetic and lactic acids and they can fade the acne scars. If one applied ACV on scars then it can exfoliate the area and improves the scarred areas. One needs to mix 2 table spoons of ACV with 4 table spoons of distilled water and then dip a cotton ball into the mixture to dab on the scarred areas. Then leave it overnight and wash it the next morning.

Rosehip Seed Oil

They help in alleviate the skin tissues and keep the skin glowing. One can use a few drops of rosehip seed oil on the affected area to get proper results. One can also use this everyday till the scars are prevented.

One can look for best scar face wash in order to treat the scar issues. There are many available in the market but it is a good idea to ask a dermatologist before using them.

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