breath during the course of pregnancy

Are you likely to face shortness of breath during the course of pregnancy

In most cases you are short of breath as you need more oxygen during this phase. The body is going to adapt to the changing situations in a lot of ways. The rising levels of hormones going to have an impact on your lungs and stimulate the respiratory system of the brain in a lot of ways. It has to be stated that the number of breaths you are going to take during pregnancy does change very little during pregnancy, one thing for sure the amount of air that you inhale and exhale changes as well. The medicine for neurological disorders during pregnancy could offer you a lot of relief at this point of time.

When you are short of breath during the early phase of pregnancy it does bring into question an awareness of the need to breathe more. In the later phase of pregnancy the labor may become progressed and the uterus does put pressure on the abdomen. This is all the more so when the baby is being carried at a higher position or you are carrying multiples. This could also arise when there is excess amount of amniotic liquid. Another interesting trend is that shortness of breath could be further compounded if you have any existing condition like asthma or hypertension.

Some amount of relief is expected to be provided a few days before you become due. This is all the more if it is the first pregnancy or the baby does drop on to the pelvis as and when the labor approaches. In medical terms this goes by the name of lightening.

What is to be done if you are facing shortness of breath once you are pregnant?

If you are encountering shortness of breath, the following tips for sure are going to provide you with a degree of relief

  • Do take things in an easy manner and when you are active do not go on to push the boundaries
  • Always make it a point to sit up straight and do keep the shoulders back. This does provide the lungs as much as space possible so that it could expand
  • Do position yourself with a few extra pillows when you are at bed during night
  • As far as possible try to be patient. It is not a great feeling when you are short of breath during pregnancy. Once you do give birth, the shortness of breath is going to fade away. It may replicate a situation that such a problem never was in the first place.

Could shortness of breath pin point to some serious issues in the days to come

Yes this could be the case if you already have some form of underlying medical problem like asthma. Say for example in 30 % of women who are suffering from asthma their problems tends to get all the more worse when you are pregnant. If you are feeling shortness of breath do consult your doctor at the earliest.

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