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Laennec (injections) – Strive for the Perfect Skin

Our skin is not perfect, yet we strive to have that model like skin and society pushes us to obtain it through magazine photos and adverts. In the past, only the elite could afford medical procedures that would create this perfect skin, but now technological developments and research have brought this treatment to our doors. One such treatment is Laennec, a human placenta extraction that revives our skin, rebuilding the damaged cells and sustaining that model like skin we have been striving for.

The ingredients of the human placenta extract have a wide range of beneficial effects. Protein is the nutrient that constructs the cells for new skin which should be regenerating constantly. The visible skin layer falls away within a month, so new skin below can penetrate through. Therefore, the protein in this treatment aids the construction of new and healthy skin cells along with the lipid and fatty acid.  Amino acid is present to nourish the new skin cells and to encourage smoothness and elasticity, thus producing a younger, clearer and smoother skin. Collagen production is promoted with this treatment which helps the elasticity and smoothness of the skin’s appearance. Collagen is a natural production which stops in old age. It is a buffer layer under the skin that keeps the skin taught and soft, so by this treatment aiding the creation of collagen, the younger looking skin is reformed. Additionally, to sustain the form and health of each cell, carbohydrates naturally exist as well as other positive ingredients to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

An element of this treatment aids whitening of the skin. This removes those annoying marks on the skin known as age spots and brightens the overall tone. Furthermore, two key areas that affect healthy skin are moisture and the reduction of oxidants. Over time, our skin loses the ability to retain moisture, so can look dry even after applying a moisturizer and the chemicals in the air are absorbed into the skin causing untold damage. These are covered in the Laennec injections with moisture retention ingredients and antioxidants resulting in a moist, clear skin.

It is possible that your skin suffers from allergic reactions to the products you use in cosmetics, face wash or even the atmosphere (pollution), so this treatment includes anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm and reduce and marks on the skin produce by everyday elements.

The ease of application make this treatment increasingly popular. It is given in small injections below the skin of only 1, 2ml vial, twice a week to improve damaged skin. Or, if you already have good skin and wish to maintain its appearance use 1, 2ml vial every 10-15 days.

There may be a little sensitivity around the injection area which is normal regarding injections which can show in the form of a rash, with or without itching or possibly a fever. Localized firmness may happen and if used by men, some male breast enlargement is possible.

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