Why Are Indians Becoming More Prone To Bone Disorders

With the change in lifestyle, sitting all day in front of laptops or television, no exercise or outdoor games, untimely meals, the human body is being literally tested. Human body is though compared to machine yet even a machine needs to be taken care of now and then and so does a human body. But nowadays people are least bothered about taking any care of their body leading to accelerated growth in various diseases.

The need for orthopedic treatment like any other field is on rise. There are so many orthopedic problems that one person can acquire one or more in one’s lifetime. The orthopedic disorders and problems have a huge list such as: arthritis, osteoarthritis, fractures and dislocations, bone tumors, torn ligaments, sprains, strains, sciatica, scoliosis, low back pain.

Causes Of Bone Disorders

  • POROUS BONES: The biggest cause of such conditions are weak bones. As per various researches it has been found that 20 per cent of women and 10-15 per cent of men who are above 50 years of age are osteoporotic (porous bones). This would estimate to approximately 25 million of affected population. In this alarming situation the only ray of hope is that as there is increases in risk of bone diseases there have been equal increase in ability to prevent and treat skeletal fragility.
  • VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY: The top medical practitioners in this field have claimed that people are aware that calcium is required to keep their bone healthy but they fail to understand that vitamin D is equally important for the bones as only through vitamin D present in the body can bones absorb the calcium. And the major cause is the deficiency of vitamin D. This deficiency can be clearly observed as the greatest source of vitamin D is the sun and people have just stopped going out in the sun and from children to elders have confined them inside the four walls in their air-conditioned rooms.

The life of urban Indians move so fast that they are unable to acquire the healing power of sunlight. And it is very clear that anybody with poor intake of calcium and vitamin D is at risk and more prone to orthopedic disorders and diseases.

  • IMPROPER LIFESTYLE: Where the whole is facing orthopedic issues and disorders and they too are facing growth in skeletal fragility, top orthopedic hospitals in India have hit the panic button claiming that Indians have weaker bones and the reason behind this is reduced intake of required amount of calcium and vitamin D, no appropriate physical activity, and other unhealthy bone lifestyle behaviors. They warn that Indians could have the highest prevalence of bone disorders.


The major cause has started to penetrate from the very small age. Now a days children are busy with their all day school tuitions and have become as busy as elders and whatever time they have they are stuck to computer games. Such routines have made them sitting ducks for bone disorders. India’s best orthopedic hospital have given some preventive measures for orthopedic disorder such as:

  • Get ultraviolet rays of the sun for half an hour daily just before 11 a.m. or after 3 p.m. This would prevent your body from vitamin D deficiency.
  • Give your body proper amount of its calcium needs. Drink a glass of milk daily, or have a bowl of yogurt or a slice cheese.
  • Avoid being an active or a passive smoker, throw away all the tobacco friendly habits.
  • Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Exercise is the only way to give your body back the rest out of the strain it goes through by sitting all day around a desk or in a car.
  • Go for bone density checkup as you cross 45. As age makes you at more risk to orthopedic diseases.

It is rightly said that only a person on its own is responsible for its body. A healthy body is not a gift but a responsibility for every person to maintain one.

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