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Important things to know about child psychiatry treatment by Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD

A number of children are there who experience mental disorders, mental illness, anxiety or depression that damages their capability to function correctly and to deal with the numerous stages of life. If your child is displaying any of these symptoms, then a child and adolescent psychiatrist may be able to help.

Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD On Why Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Treats children

Being a child and adolescent psychiatry doctor, Jonathan B. Lauter says that child and adolescent psychiatrist get specialized training that allows them to completely provide treatment for children and adolescents up to the age of eighteen years. Usually, when it comes to treatment; they usually offer

  • Speech therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy
  • Anti-depressants and sedatives medications

However, the treatment may differ from one person to the other depending on the child’s age, symptoms and many other related things. All these therapies and medications when administered on regular basis are found to reduce or eliminate symptoms. And this in turn helps the child to lead a normal life.

Jonathan Lauter MD provides treatment for patients who are going through a varied range of disorders and complications. Mental disorders that a lot of children experience are often treated by Jonathan Lauter which includes attention disorders, anxiety disorders, learning disorders, mood disorders, autism and psychotic disorders. In addition to this he also treats children who are suffering from drug addictions, emotional problems, or eating disorders. Moreover, as a child and adolescent psychiatrist he usually treats teenagers or children who are showing behavioral difficulties and who are often getting into issues at school, or home.

Jonathan Lauter carries out an evaluation of the child to diagnose the specific medical conditions that might be hindering the cognitive abilities. During the process of evaluation, Jonathan often talks to the child, asks several questions in regards to numerous issues of life and carries out a varied range of behavioral tests. The doctor also typically performs a detailed medical examination by taking urine or blood samples and by examining the chemical balances of those samples.

This evaluation process is the thing that distinguishes psychiatrists from counselors. Even though counselors are skilled to provide guidance for the child, only psychiatrists are trained to conduct medical assessments and make diagnoses in regards to psychological disorders or medical conditions that the child might be experiencing. After diagnosing the specific medical condition that the child is experiencing, Dr. Jonathan Lauter prescribed medications as well as certain therapies that can help to alleviate the symptoms that often come along with the psychological condition.

Jonathan Lauter MD is the director of child and adolescent psychiatry department outpatient clinic at Elmhurst Hospital Center. He has been earlier associated with Mt. Sinai School of Medicine- Elmhurst. He has started working as a child and adolescent psychiatrist after obtaining MD in child psychiatry from Albert Einstein College of medicine and has also obtained fellowship in child psychiatry and residency in general psychiatry from University of California.

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