Experiencing Chicken With a Twist!

Chicken is one of the most common meat dishes that we have, almost on a regular basis. When we go out the most common options that we tend to go for is chicken mainly because of the variety of preparations. Sometimes when we have guests over, chicken dishes become the automatic choice since they are not only easy to prepare but are also good to taste if you know how to get it done.

However the main problem with chicken is that, you have it so much that you might get bored of its taste and crave for something different in turn. So here are some chicken dishes that you can get from a Chicken Restaurant Delivery or if you are fond of cooking trying them at home:

  1. Chicken can sometimes get a bit dry if not cooked properly and if this is what you exactly want to avoid then go for a honey glazed chicken steak. This sweet and caramelized chicken dish is really tasty. It is best combined with mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables, lots of it. If you want to make it a little fancy then you can always team it up with some good quality red wine.
  2. If you want to mix it up your chicken a little with vegetables then try out diced chicken in lettuce wraps. These are a modified version of the chicken and lettuce salad. Prepared with boiled chicken and lot is vegetables this is a healthy option for you to try out. If you want to make it a little bit more heavy and tasty order it along with a mayo dip!
  3. Want to make your oh so vegetarian macaroni and cheese, not so vegetarian after all? Well then all you have to do is add some boiled diced chicken and tomatoes to it. This is one is a very easy to make at home pasta or chicken dish that anyone can try out. The kids will surely love this one since it comes with such a bundle of tasty cheese and what not. When making it at home you can garnish it with some parsley leaves for a beautiful aroma.
  4. If you are craving for more Italian then try out the chicken lasagne with corn-tortilla chips. This is a baked goodie fresh from the oven and is prepared with a variety of sauces. If you want to order something nice and different from a Chicken Delivery Service, then this is the one dish to definitely try out. If you have friends and family over, team up this dish with some bread to make the perfect dinner out of it.
  5. Want to try out a chicken that is spicy and comes with a twist of the lime? Well, then the soupy lime and chilli chicken is one to go for. This is cooked in the chicken broth coupled with chilli sauce and dashes of lime which gives it an ethereal taste. If you want a heavy, tasty and soupy dinner, this is one to opt for.

So, these are some unconventional chicken dishes that you can try out when it comes to experimenting with chicken.

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