Know About Orthodontists

Everything You Need to Know About Orthodontists

It’s important to take care of your oral and dental health. Your teeth are among the first things that a person can notice when they are talking to you.

When you think about oral health and hygiene, you probably conjure up a visual of a dentist’s office. While you aren’t entirely wrong in your assumption about those that work on oral health, an orthodontist in Raleigh specializes in a more specific area.

The specialized field for orthodontists is the straightening of the teeth. In essence, all orthodontists are classified as dentists. However, it’s not vice versa. What else should you know about orthodontists? Read on below.

Who needs teeth realignment?

Correcting the alignment of your teeth may be an easy process while, for others, it can be a really time-consuming endeavor. Depending on the severity of your case, you will have to get dental accessories as recommended by your orthodontist.

A person that has misaligned teeth during their younger years can benefit from braces. When braces are implemented early on, the teeth will be fixed in terms of alignment without having to undergo surgery. It’s a cost-effective and medically effective approach to aligning the teeth of a person.

What’s the success rate of braces?

If your orthodontist in Raleigh has recommended that you solve your teeth misalignment dilemma with braces, you will not be able to notice the difference at first. However, as time goes by, you’ll notice that all your teeth will become aligned better.

Having braces for years may be something that you’re dreading. Fortunately, there are various other solutions that you can take advantage of if you still want to align your teeth. As for its success rate, it’s very effective as long as you follow any particular instructions of your orthodontist before and after the implementation.

How much training does an orthodontist undergo?

As said above, all orthodontists are dentists, therefore, they undergo the same training and education as dentists. The major difference, however, is the amount of dental training that the orthodontist will have to go through.

While a dentist may already be working, an orthodontist that graduated during the same time may still be in training at a dental school. This is to make sure that they’ll be able to earn a license to practice as an orthodontist.

The amount of training that an orthodontist goes through is double the usual of other dentists that specialize in other fields.

What else can an orthodontist in Raleigh help me with?

Although the majority of an orthodontist’s career revolves around the straightening of someone’s teeth, you can still ask for several services from them. They are able to work on other things covered by orthodontics. Soft tissue management, non-surgical treatment, airway help, and other things are all available from an orthodontist.

It is essential that you ask what other things your orthodontist can provide for you. Because orthodontists are also practicing dentists, they are still able to provide you with general consultation regarding the health and hygiene of your mouth.

Whether you’re worried about crooked or misaligned teeth or somethings bothering you about your bite, an orthodontist in Raleigh can help you. Visit one today!

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