balanced lifestyle during pregnancy

Have a balanced lifestyle during pregnancy

When one is pregnant, there is no hard and fast rules that one has to follow. But yes, one needs to follow a restricted lifestyle so that their foetus remains safe and healthy.

One can get pregnancy tips in Hindi from the doctors that they consult and they also suggest the future mothers, what to do and what not to do.

Here are a few things that one should keep in mind when they are pregnant.

  • When one is pregnant, they have to be very careful on what they eat. In pregnancy one should definitely avoid raw meat and shell fish. The uncooked sea food is not at all healthy for them like mussels, oysters and salmonella. Deli meats can also be contaminated with listeria and it can cross the placenta to infect the developing baby. If there is an infection in the uterus then it can lead to blood poisoning and can be life threatening for your baby. Fish which has high level of mercury is also restricted during this time. One should not go for mackerels, shark and tilefish during this time. It is also a good idea to avoid tuna this time. Try and avoid smoked sea foods too like jerky and nova styled salmon. They are refrigerated and can have bacteria in it. Raw eggs are also not good for a pregnant woman’s health. So, one should be beware of mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce and some curds. Soft cheese can also have listeria and so feta, camembert and brie should be avoided when one is pregnant.
  • In one’s daily meal plan, one should definitely incorporate things like healthy fats, lean proteins, water, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not paint the house or any particular area of the house when you are pregnant. The paints mostly have toxicity and chemicals. They are not good for the health of the foetus.
  • Do not over do it on the caffeine. Even if you love to have coffees then try to restrict that. Sticking to one cup of coffee a day is still okay but if you are in a habit of having 2 to 3 cups a day then you should definitely cut it down. This increases the blood pressure in your body and also increases the heart rate. Also the caffeine can cross placenta and affect them. The doctors say, having a dose of 150 to 300 milligrams of coffee a day is normal but not more than that.
  • When you are pregnant, do not take certain medications without consulting your gynaecologist. If you have medicine on your own, then you can harm your baby in return.
  • It is also said that women should not wear heels which are more than 3 inches when they are pregnant. This makes you a bit unsteady on your feet. This might make you lose your balance.

To get pregnancy tips Hindi one can rely on pregnancy magazines as they have some useful tips fpr women when they are pregnant.


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