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Anapolon Cycles for Best Muscle Building Results

Bodybuilders and athletes today consider Anadrol which is commonly known as Anapolon as one of the most effective of anabolic androgenic steroids. This is a laboratory developed steroid that stimulates the effects of testosterone in our body. Everyone knows that this is a prescription-only drug. This was originally designed to treat different types of anemia. However, due to its side effects, the United States has stopped the distribution of this drug. Still, most users can find a way to purchase this from other countries.

Cycling or combining drugs is common among bodybuilders. This is to promote better results and reduce side effects. Before considering an Anapolon cycle, educate yourself about the drug. Know the benefits that you can get out of this steroid, the right dosage, and frequency, the best time to take Anapolon pills, as well as the possible side effects that it can cause to your body.

Best Dosage for Anapolon Cycles

Anapolon-only cycle dosage is usually 25 mg to 150 mg daily and should be taken up to eight weeks. According to bodybuilding websites, long-term use can cause possible liver damage or toxicity. There are numerous suggestions when it comes to using Anapolon for bulking, cutting or post-cycle-therapy. Always remember that each user reacts differently to drugs. The suggestions on bodybuilding websites or forums are from experienced users, not medical doctors.

Anapolon with Other Drugs

The use of Anapolon depends on the preference of the user. This steroid is usually stacked with other drugs for optimal results. There are commonly used Anapolon cycles that have been popular to most bodybuilders.

  • Most bodybuilders use Anapolon with testosterone for about four weeks, followed by testosterone alone for another seven weeks to complete the cycle. This is just with the beginning of the cycle. Usually, other drugs are being added on the second or third cycles depending on the result that you would want to achieve.
  • Cycling Anapolon using 50 mg together with 30 mg of Dianabol daily until six weeks.

Anapolon Cycle Results

Bodybuilding websites and forums reveal that the use of Anapolon in a cycle can promote to add 10 to 30 lbs to a person’s body just within a number of months. However, most users say that the weight gain is caused by the increase n water retention. Some bodybuilders are okay with this since they think that the water retention can help lubricate as well as protect the muscles and joints from damage.

According to experienced users, Anapolon is not for beginners. Even bodybuilders who are used to different kind of steroids that Anapolon is different. You have to be extra careful when you decide to use this drug.

How to Reduce Side Effects

Liver toxicity is the most common side effect of using steroids. There is a suggestion to use 25mg of Proviron daily during the third week of the cycle for three consecutive weeks. Using an aromatase inhibitor such as Nolvadex with your Anapolon cycle is also essential. This should be done in week five, and take it for four weeks.

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