6 types of Pre-Employment Medical Examinations

Companies have the right to test applicants for employment which are non-discriminatory, properly administered and validated. If someone has been requested to take medical test for employment in Abu Dhabi and wondering all about it, overall chances of being hired so on, the details below would surely help you out.

Legitimacy & purpose

Employers often use different tests and procedures to screen applicants prior hiring just to ensure if they’re fit for the job. Pre-employment tests are very much legal indeed required a company shouldn’t practice discriminatory approach based on race, caste, gender, religion or disability. Medical test for employment in Abu Dhabi must be valid and relate to the job being applied for.

Take for instance lie detection tests which are considered illegal in various circumstances both, before and during the employment tenure. This rule is made clear in the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) accepted almost everywhere.

Types of employment tests

Pre-employment medical tests takes into account profile of the applicants, their skillsets and if they can aptly perform certain physical tasks within the corporate environment. The test results serve as tools for the hiring supervisor and helps in avoiding a biased approach.

  1. Personality tests

These assess the potential of an applicant to perform certain tasks bearing the appropriate skillset. The results would decide whether candidates need to be disposed-off or further engaged in certain tasks before taking the final decision. Personality tests are designed to reveal any attempt of dishonesty thereby allowing organisations to hire an ideal employee.

  1. Talent assessment

Talent assessments help hiring team to predict job performance and ability to retain a potential new recruit. Focus is on primary skills and ability which is distinct from the personality or pre-developed skills revealed from the past work history.

  1. Cognitive tests

These measure ability of applicants to reasoning, perceptual swiftness and accuracy! Certain arithmetic and reading comprehension exercised are given which aren’t just simple medical tests for employment in Abu Dhabi but actually evaluate “intelligence” level as well as many factors.

  1. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is an individual’s ability to comprehend his own emotions as well as of others. Strong or higher EI mark can be extremely important for some employers whereas critical for others depending on nature of the job and environment. It’s all about how a person responds to and in certain situations such as handling frustration, workplace pressure and disappointments in rather a professional manner.

  1. Physical exams

Pre-employment physical assessment can be a requisite for most employers thereby determining the aptness of an individual when exposed to potential dangerous or physically challenging jobs. Stamina and specific muscle groups are put to test.

  1. Drug tests

Many different drug tests are performed prior to employment to detect presence of alcohol or drug abuse. These tests may include saliva drug testing, urine drug tests, DNA tests, breath-alcohol tests, chest X-Rays and intoxication in certain cases.


Medical test for employment in Abu Dhabi are performed as defined above as a means to ensure perfect and competitive recruitment all through!

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